About Us

Bon Appétit

The homepage presents the idea of my food business called "Bon Appétit". The homepage shows all

features of this website and where you can access: workshops, special events, gallery and contact pages.

The workshops page presents the workshops of the website. The workshops consist of the following:

Vegetarian, Meat, Sushi, Alcohol, Pastry and Pasta. The purpose of these workshops is for customers

to visit the "Bon Appétit" restaurant, to experience how each culinary dish is crafted to perfection in

every category of gourmet food.

The gourmet specialties page presents the gourmet specialties of the website. The gourmet specialties

consist of the following: French Cuisine: Beef Bourguignon, Italian Cuisine: Chicken Parmigiana and

Mexican Cuisine: Grilled Citrus - Marinated Mexican Chicken.

The gallery page presents the gallery of the website, all photos displaying the wonderful culinary skills

of professional gourmet chefs conveyed into delicious and breath-taking masterpieces.

The contact page presents all contact information about the "Bon Appétit" restaurant and this website.

The contact page is all about customers contacting the restaurant if they want to seek help for our

workshops, our pricing and any questions they may have about this website and the restaurant.

The sole purpose of this website is to provide information about my restaurant called "Bon Appétit".

This website presents workshops that the restaurant company offers at the location

of the restaurant for the allocated prices. This website also presents culinary dishes made from different

cultural traditions, that is also included in the workshops. This site is made for customers to

attain an insight on which dishes they want to choose and when they want to book a workshop at the

location of the restaurant, where they are guaranteed that many carefully crafted masterpieces await them.